Kare Kare Recipe

Recipe :

Kare is a kind of Filipino stew with a rich and thick nut sauce. It is a famous dish in the Philippines served during extraordinary events. The customary formula is made out of bull tail. There are cases wherein both bull garbage and tail are utilized. The vegetable segments of the dish are string beans, eggplant, bok choy, and banana blooms. Softly carmelized toasted ground rice is utilized to thicken the sauce.

Palayok or dirt pot is utilized to cook this dish. It likewise works as the serving bowl at a similar time.The most ideal approach to eat kare-kare is to combine it with plain white rice. Bagoong alamang or aged shrimp glue finishes the dish by giving flavor. Basically consolidate a spoonful of rice and kare-kare with a little piece of bagoong and appreciate!

Kare-Kare versions :

There are a few forms of kare-kare. The most widely recognized distinction of each has something to do with the meat fixing. We presently realize that the customary protein utilized for this dish is oxtail. Garbage is likewise a decent fixing to utilize. There are likewise forms that utilize different kinds of meat, and even fish.

Beef Kare-kare :

The conventional variant can be viewed as hamburger kare-kare. This basically relates to variants that utilization cuts of hamburger. The ones utilizing hamburger toss, meat knife, and Maskara ng Baka or ligament from the cow’s face are completely viewed as hamburger kare-kare.

Seafood Kare Kare :

Shrimp, crab, mussels, and squid are fish. There is a form which fuses these fixings. It is alluded to as fish kare-kare. Fish can likewise be utilized.

Pata Kare-kare :

Pata alludes to pig leg or pork pawn. It is the second well known fixing close to oxtail. Individuals are utilizing this cut of meat since it is less expensive than hamburger and functions admirably with different fixings. I like pata in my kare. The thick and delicious sauce supplements the delicate meat and fat of the pata. It is tasty! Peruse our formula for pata kare.

Cook Kare Kare :

We should discuss how I cooked the rendition in this formula post. There are three principle measures: soften the meat, make the sauce, and set up the vegetables.

Set up the meat by bubbling it alongside cleaved onion. This will make it delicate while giving flavor simultaneously. Oxtail should be exceptionally delicate for best outcomes. It takes around 3 hours to bubble when cooking utilizing the customary strategy. A faster way is to utilize a pressing factor cooker. It cuts the cooking time by the greater part.

The nut sauce can represent the deciding moment your dish. Have the legitimate proportion of fixings to have the option to accomplish the best consistency of the sauce. It ought not be excessively thick or extremely meager. I utilize both peanut butter and squashed peanuts to make the sauce. It gives a rich flavor to it. Annatto seeds make the shade of the sauce rosy. You should extricate the shading from the seed by absorbing it warm water for around 12 minutes. The hued water is utilized to make the dish, not the seed. Dispose of the seed after use. Thicken the sauce with toasted ground rice.

Vegetable is a significant segment of kare. It very well may be cooked with the meat or it tends to be added when serving the dish. I picked to cook the vegetables independently by sautéing with garlic.

Tips For Cooking :

Utilize a compel cooker to rapidly soften the oxtail. It takes me 30 minutes to accomplish the outcome, contrasted with around 3 hours when done the conventional way.

Try to screen the measure of water when bubbling utilizing the customary strategy. Pour more water depending on the situation until the meat softens totally.

Bagoong alamang or shrimp glue is a fundamental segment of the dish. It ought to be cooked totally prior to serving. Allude to this bagoong formula for direction. You can likewise buy precooked packaged bagoong alamang from the general store.

Alternative Ingredients :

I nearly attempted each meat in cooking Kare-Kare. Oxtail, pata, cow’s face or maskara, and garbage are my top choices.

Toasted ground rice is generally used to thicken the sauce. This fixing is ideal to have. You can utilize cornstarch or potato starch as options.

Annatto comes in many structure. Annatto powder or annatto glue can be utilized a substitute for the seed. These are likewise more helpful to utilize.

Attempt this Kare formula and let me know your opinion.


This is a formula for Kare-kare or bull garbage stew

CourseBeef, Main Dish


Keywordfilipino kare, kare, kare formula

Prep Time10 minutes

Cook Time2 hours 30 minutes

Complete Time2 hours 40 minutes

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