Amber Heard treated own sister like a punching bag, claims Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp took to the substitute court on Wednesday as his criticism preliminary against Amber Heard approaches its end and blamed Heard for dealing with her sister ‘like a punching pack’, detailed The New York Post.

Depp’s allegations came only days after Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, had affirmed against him in the preliminary and guaranteed that she was observer to Depp hitting her sister.

In his most recent declaration, notwithstanding, Depp denied the claims, rather itemizing his relationship with Whitney and reviewing that he ‘took to her rapidly’ right away.

“She was an exceptionally sweet youngster, she was brilliant,” Depp said, adding that she “got the messy finish of the stick” by sister Heard, who treated her “both as a confided in sister and companion” or a “toady or punching pack or dartboard.”

Depp proceeded to guarantee that he was observer to Heard in any event, tossing in her sister’s face at a certain point, saying: “She would have wine tossed right in front of her. Whitney was attempting to satisfy her sister. Attempting to be acceptable.”

“It just seemed like she had chance down … I’ve positively seen Miss Heard snatch Whitney, push her around,” he further said.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star likewise noticed that Whitney was told by Heard to ‘escape’ his and Heard’s Los Angeles loft after the two got into a battle.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer pushes back on expert’s claims of Amber Heard’s career success

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s fight in court proceeds and according to the most recent court procedures, Depp’s lawful group has dismissed diversion advisor Kathryn Arnold’s assertion, who contrasted Heard’s vocation with Hollywood stars including Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Zendaya.

Breaking down Heard’s movie vocation, Arnold said that the Aquaman entertainer may be partaking in a similar profession accomplishment as Gadot, Momoa and Zendaya notwithstanding group Depp’s claimed “slanderous attack” against her.

During her declaration in court on Monday, May 23, Arnold said, “When you take a gander at the time period of when the Waldman explanations came out [in 2020], and you see what was the deal with Ms Heard’s vocation before the proclamation and what occurred after the explanation, making that correlation is extremely understood.”

She added, “It would have been entirely sensible to accept her profession would have been on a vertical direction of those different entertainers notwithstanding the trick claims.”

During cross-addressing, the Pirates of the Caribbean entertainer’s legal advisors pushed back on Arnold’s correlation and guaranteed that the vocations of the previously mentioned entertainers and Heard were complete opposites.

The attorneys said that these entertainers had joined to blockbuster establishments or had high profile professions than Heard back in 2020.

Last week, Heard got back to the stand and uncovered that her job in Aquaman 2 was essentially chopped down in the midst of her fight with Depp.

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